A Realistic Future

About 18 months ago, our son began treatment for the first time since his diagnosis. In the beginning, he went to a psychologist because he had been ordered by the Marine Corp to do so. When he was discharged, he was no longer compelled to be in any kind of treatment, so he wasn’t.

Saying I was happy is understated. I just knew his life would now be on track. Never again would there be worry about homelessness, crime, substance abuse, or any of the many other concerns when a child has a chronic illness. He was going to be better.

Then relapse. Like the shock of diagnosis, to learn that a pill and counseling didn’t cure the illness was devastating. Is the future we could expect?

Like so many other parents, I learned his future is vastly different than I had imagined. His life will never be “normal.” It might continue being a series of stable and relapse periods. His medication might become ineffective and have to be changed. There may always be the ups and downs.

I have learned to be realistic about his future. He can recover, but relapse is always around the corner. Realistically, not only does he have to be prepared, so do I.

Now, as always, God holds my son’s future. God’s plans are of hope. God’s plans are the most realistic future he will have.

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