Book Review – Through the Storm

For readers looking for a sensational tell-all, Lynne Spears’ Through the Storm, will be disappointing. I, too, was disappointed, but for different reason

Through the Storm, subtitled A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is less than it promises. It is less about family and more about Ms. Spears defending herself.

The quality of writing was not up to Thomas Nelson’s usual standard. The story rambles, at times wandering into rants that have no bearing on the story.

My greatest disappointment is that Ms. Spears completely ignores her daughter Brittany’s diagnosis of a serious mental illness. Ms. Spears does mention the anti-psychotic medications prescribed to Brittney once, but never uses the name of the illness or even the words mental illness. Nor, does she ever admit that Brittany was diagnosed with a mental illness

Whether because she’s in denial (common with parents) or because of the stigma attached to mental illness, Ms. Spears missed an opportunity to reach to millions of parents who see their children go through the same trauma as Brittany. Ms. Spears misses an opportunity to use her notoriety to break through the wall of stigma on behalf of others.

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Comments (2)

  1. Isn’t that one of the ongoing challenges of dealing with mental health issues? Denial by the ill, and also by their family?

    I see it in my own family, but not so much due to stigma, but from a wish to see a family member as one wishes him to be, regardless of how he actually is.

  2. Thank you for the insight on this book; it’s not one I was likely to ever read.

    It is too bad that the publisher didn’t step in and advise the writer and the subjects of the crossover potential should the book include serious commentary on mental illness.

    Thank you again for this review.

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