In God We Still Trust

Like Bibles, I often wonder if there are too many versions of devotional books. Think about it. There’s the Women’s Bible, Men’s Bible, Patriot Bible, African American Bible, to name just a smattering of titles. Check the devotional section of a Bible bookstore and you’ll find similar titles: Devotionals for women, men, children, college students,

It’s No Secret

Rachel Olsen’s newest book has the look and tone of what has been termed chick-lit. It’s No Secret is not the latest in get-away-from-it all fiction. Instead, it’s a get-away-from-it truth. What is the truth that women need to get away from? According the Ms. Olsen, it’s exhausting schedules, unpaid bills, relational conflicts, and a

The Chronological Study Bible

Many resources are available to read the Bible in chronological order. And, although it is interesting to read David’s psalms along with his life story, it sheds little light on God’s work in history. The Chronological Study Bible from Thomas Nelson illuminates God’s story by placing the inspired Scripture in the context of the history