A first good investment

I consider myself lucky. In 2008 and 2009, we had a financial advisor who gave us warnings and solid advice based on our needs. She had many of the attributes of a good financial advisor that John Woodman describes in his little book How to Pick a Financial Advisor (or evaluate the one you have).

You can appreciate Shakespeare too

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare Ken Ludwig The only experience many of us have had with William Shakespeare’s plays and poetry is feeble attempts to read through the iambic pentameter and memorizing certain speeches. Few of us have attended a Shakespearean play because of those not-so-memorable attempts in high school. (Go ahead. Take a

Writing in Obedience – A Review

I’m not a fiction writer. I do know that I can hone my skills as a non-   fiction writer by learning fiction techniques. Also, I have been to author Terry Burns workshop, “Writing to Reach Nonbelievers.”  I knew there was at least one nugget for me to learn. I wasn’t disappointed. Writing in Obedience is

Fairy May

Tooth fairy school? Failing tooth fairy school? Who would have thought it could happen? But it seem to be for Fairy May, the title character for Jo Linsdell’s latest children’s book. Poor Fairy May is having trouble in tooth fairy school. She can’t quite get the spells and potions, and fairy dust. But Fairy May

Because You Care – Review

At some point in our lives we are all caregivers. Whether caring for an infant or a loved one with a chronic illness, we all have been there. Sometimes we consider caregiving just a natural part of our life at the moment, at other times it’s doesn’t seem normal. Caring for my infants was a normal