Out and About at the Zoo

Our family has enjoyed reading aloud for years, even beyond the early reading days. There was a lull in the aloud-reading department after our children left home and before grandkiddos came along. Now when they visit, we have both serious story reading and funny romps through books. Out and About at the Zoo will be one

Juliet Immortal

I’m not usually drawn to romance novels and the current crop of dark romance really hasn’t appealed to me. I was drawn to Juliet Immortal, not because it falls into either of these categories, but because of the unique story premise. Stacy Jay’s most recent addition to dark romance for young adults (read teens) brings

made to play! – A Review

I’m usually leery of books that claim to encourage imaginative play. Too often exact steps are given as to what should be imagined and how the play should be undertaken. made to play! isn’t a book about play; it’s about toys. Toys can be the spark needed for imaginative play. Mr. Henriques has taken simple

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People

It’s been about ten years. One place that I felt was a safe place to share intimate truths turned out to be a minefield of pain. I had attended this church for nearly three decades before the knife stabbed my heart. I’m not the only person who has been hurt by the Christian organization called

In God We Still Trust

Like Bibles, I often wonder if there are too many versions of devotional books. Think about it. There’s the Women’s Bible, Men’s Bible, Patriot Bible, African American Bible, to name just a smattering of titles. Check the devotional section of a Bible bookstore and you’ll find similar titles: Devotionals for women, men, children, college students,

Share Your Faith with Muslims

God’s will is for all people to be saved. Even those we perceive as our enemies, in this case those who practice the faith of Islam. It’s for that reason I wrote about praying for Muslims. We need to see our “enemy” through God’s eyes. Author Wade Akins takes the same position in his new

Half-Elf: Touch of Insanity, Book One

I enjoy the world of fantasy with fairies, hobbits, and elves. One of my chief complaints though is it can sometimes take two or three chapters into the book to figure who is of what race. Rosa Lee drew me right into the story of Shai-la in Half-Elf by making very clear at the beginning

It’s No Secret

Rachel Olsen’s newest book has the look and tone of what has been termed chick-lit. It’s No Secret is not the latest in get-away-from-it all fiction. Instead, it’s a get-away-from-it truth. What is the truth that women need to get away from? According the Ms. Olsen, it’s exhausting schedules, unpaid bills, relational conflicts, and a

It’s Your Call

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author, a full chapter from each book toured, and my review. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for

Permission to Speak Freely

“What is one thing you feel you can’t say in the church?” author Anne Jackson asked on her blog. Hundreds of people had something to say. That simple question became the foundation for the book Permission to Speak Freely: Essays and Art on Fear, Confession, and Grace. Subtitled Essays and Art On Fear, Confession, and