Muslim man praying

Have You Prayed For a Muslim Today?

The people of Ninevah are described as wicked. We aren’t told what the Ninevites did to deserve that description. The conditions must have been worse than Sodom and Gomorrah because there’s no indication there was even one righteous person. But God loved these folks enough to send the prophet Jonah with a proclamation of destruction

In God We Still Trust

Like Bibles, I often wonder if there are too many versions of devotional books. Think about it. There’s the Women’s Bible, Men’s Bible, Patriot Bible, African American Bible, to name just a smattering of titles. Check the devotional section of a Bible bookstore and you’ll find similar titles: Devotionals for women, men, children, college students,

Start Fresh

January is over, so it doesn’t seem like the beginning of the year any longer. Why would I even be talking about a fresh start? It’s never too late; you can start fresh, make new resolutions any time. For many of us our resolutions have come, and gone. Each year on January 1, many of