Why Ebooks?

According to American Publishers Association’s (APA) latest numbers e-book sales are declining, down by 24.9 per cent. The same report shows a declined in hardback sales, but an increase in paperback sales. For most writers, a combination of print and e-publishing is still the best strategy. I’ll be honest; I still like print editions to

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Weekend Read: Zen of eBook Marketing

You may not expect a supernatural novelist, game developer, composer, and self-described jack-of-all-trades to be able to teach anything about marketing, more specifically e-book marketing. Guido Henkel does just that in his recent book Zen of eBook Marketing. Henkel gives practical, easy to do marketing task that any author can use. Yes, there are other

Formatting e-Books for Writers Resources This page includes affiliate links. Please see Disclosures. Below is a list of all the Internet links and resources in the book Formatting e-Books for Writers. Click here to download this list. Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines (technical details needed for each Kindle device) Building Your Book for Kindle (Windows and

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It’s exciting with the completion of each step on the way to publication. I’ve finished a very important hurdle: formatting. The file has been converted. A final look for any details that need to be fixed, then off to the publishing step. You can see the preview file in this photo. Be sure to take

e-Book Preview

Four years ago I began teaching “Introduction to e-Publishing” and “Creating and Formatting e-Books” through the Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network. The next year I taught them at online conferences and later in-person conferences. This year, in addition to the classes, I will be offering a book based on the class: Practical Guide: Formatting e-Books

Formatting e-Books for Writers

2018 Update It’s possible to prepare and format your manuscript without knowing the programming code used in e-books. All you need is Word and step-by-step instructions. Practical Guide: Formatting e-Books for Writers gives you those step-by-step instructions in non-technical language. Download a Sample Chapter. Available at Amazon Kindle – $2.99 Print – $7.99 Receive a free Kindle version

Decide for Yourself

On her blog, The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing, D. D. Scott offers this advice in her Beginner’s To-do List: “Decide for yourself, based on your own skill levels, whether or not you’ll be doing your Format and Cover Design.” (sic) (emphasis added) I absolutely agree that each writer must make at least some of the

3D e-Book Content Is Coming

A question about 3D objects in EPUB3 books came up on a list I follow. Since the discussion was interesting, I decided to take a look at the possibilities. From my research, I see this as a huge possibility in technical manuals and textbooks. Three-D objects that can be rotated and manipulated on the screen