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Give Thanks by Giving Back

Now that the Thanksgiving celebration is closing. It’s time to reflect. Dinners, family, football, and dare I say, shopping sometimes takes our thoughts away from all that Thanksgiving can mean. Of course. we don’t want to miss the thanking part. And we don’t want the thanking to stop as we hurry headlong into the Christmas

Gift Giving

Each year, at this time, we lament the commercialism of the Holy Season. But what do most of us (and I mean us, including myself) do about it? We go ahead and purchase to our limit with little caveats that make us feel good. You know what I mean: buying from local hometown businesses rather

Water is Life

We’re new to Texas, and we’re enjoying learning about our adopted home. One lesson came a few Sundays ago at church. The nearby Baptist church we are attending is tiny and most of the attendees are cattle ranchers. My husband Bob was chatting with a couple of these ranchers before service and one said, “We