If I’d only known

Like most Americans, I’m saddened by the tragedy in Arizona this past weekend. I’m praying for families who have lost a loved one, and for those who are injured and healing. Also, I’m specifically praying for the parents of the shooter, Jared Loughner. My husband and I heard the news about the shooting later than

Seeing the Illness

The first principle of support for NAMI family support groups is “We will see the individual first, not the illness.” As family members it is easy to see the illness first because so much of our lives is based on the illness. Each day is filled with behaviors induced by the illness, medication schedules, doctor

Did I Do This?

Often mental illness will first exhibit as behavior that seems a little strange: Talking to one’s self, imaginary worlds, or staying away from other people. When this behavior occurs in a young adult, it is noticed and seen as odd. When this behavior happens in a child, even in the early teens, not much is

No More Guilt

“If you will just get out of your son’s life, he will be fine.” The words hit me right in the heart. Oh, I had plenty of people critique my parenting over the course of the five years our son had been on a downhill track. This time it struck hard because I was talking