Fairy May

Tooth fairy school? Failing tooth fairy school? Who would have thought it could happen? But it seem to be for Fairy May, the title character for Jo Linsdell’s latest children’s book. Poor Fairy May is having trouble in tooth fairy school. She can’t quite get the spells and potions, and fairy dust. But Fairy May


Let’s Get Dirty Last night we were at a neighborhood bar-b-que and the children were running around enjoying being outdoors without adult intervention. As we were watching the joy of these children, maybe even wishing we could join in, a woman pointed and said, “Look at those boys. They’re are throwing dirt in the air.

Weekend Reads

Preschool: At What Cost? Read A Sample Chapter “What preschool do you go to?” the doctor asked our three-year-old granddaughter, who was perplexed by the question. My husband quickly responded, “As long as she is with us, she will not go to school.” Thus quickly ending that conversation. Parents are bombarded with “facts” and comments that preschool