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Weekend Read: Disaster Diaries

I confess. I like to read apocalypse fiction. Sometimes it’s for the humor of it: Doesn’t everyone understand the impossibility of an earthquake so massive that Las Vegas becomes a beach town? Other disaster stories make me think: What if I were in that situation? How would I respond? That’s the mindset Sam Sheridan had

Writing in Obedience – A Review

I’m not a fiction writer. I do know that I can hone my skills as a non-   fiction writer by learning fiction techniques. Also, I have been to author Terry Burns workshop, “Writing to Reach Nonbelievers.”  I knew there was at least one nugget for me to learn. I wasn’t disappointed. Writing in Obedience is

Out and About at the Zoo

Our family has enjoyed reading aloud for years, even beyond the early reading days. There was a lull in the aloud-reading department after our children left home and before grandkiddos came along. Now when they visit, we have both serious story reading and funny romps through books. Out and About at the Zoo will be one

made to play! – A Review

I’m usually leery of books that claim to encourage imaginative play. Too often exact steps are given as to what should be imagined and how the play should be undertaken. made to play! isn’t a book about play; it’s about toys. Toys can be the spark needed for imaginative play. Mr. Henriques has taken simple