steps for online images

7 Easy Steps for Blog Images

I hate using images in social media and my blog posts. Well, maybe “hate” is a little strong. “Experts” tell me I need an image with every blog post, every social media post, every e-mail I write. O.K. Maybe I’m going overboard. I’m not against pretty pictures, or even witty or inspirational memes. But, it

Digital Rights Management

(Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. While I try to check legal matters with attorneys and legal websites, I’m not offering legal advice. If you have further legal questions contact a literary attorney.) Sharing When I was a novice writer I was unduly concerned about my work being “stolen.” It was silly for me to think

Preparing for God’s re-direction

I’m not a fan of a single sentence on a website that says “Under Construction.” I thought about “Remodeling,” which is what is going on. Really, though, what’s going on here is “Re-direction.” Due circumstances that I saw coming, but hope wouldn’t, I making changes. God is redirecting my focus. As part of the the

I hear you, Pete

Pete sure had a lot to say this morning. As I said my good mornings to Shana, Georgia, Hope, and Mabel, Pete hollered repeatedly letting me that he was there also — “Please, please. I’m over here. Pay attention to me.” During all the ruckus, Maggie, Daisy, and Molly just stood by and listened. I