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This will be my last post on the elections. After all, you do need time to consider your choices. Even in local media, the focus is on the presidential election. For those dealing with mental health issues, local elections can be more important. Most departments of mental health are governed locally. Yes, state and federal

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More issues concerning mental health are important in the upcoming election: Restoring the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), mental health care for military personnel, recognition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for returning combat veterans, support for family caregivers to name a few. Not all of these issues can, or should be legislated, but candidates

Vote Mental Health

Vote Mental Health – Mental Health Insurance “Our child will be 18 next month. What do we do for insurance?” Not an uncommon question at the family support group meetings. Parents are worried that their child will lose medical insurance, and they will have no way to pay for the medications and treatment needed. On

Blog Action Day – Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day. Blogs around the world will be touching on one topic – poverty. Poverty is a serious issue for our loved ones with a mental illness. Many of our loved ones are homeless or in less than adequate housing because they have little or no income. Even many who are in


Unintentionally the man drew attention to himself. Most people didn’t notice as he came into the Social Security office. They were huddled in their own space waiting for their number to be called. This man, let’s call him Sam, became noticed after he checked in at the computer terminal, and began to unload his pockets

Silent No Longer

“People with mental problems are our neighbors. They are members of our congregations, members of our families; they are everywhere in this country.”–Rosalynn Carter Some statistics indicate that the extent of mental illness in the United States is one in four people are affected by these diseases. This number includes family members of people diagnosed,