Decide for Yourself

On her blog, The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing, D. D. Scott offers this advice in her Beginner’s To-do List: “Decide for yourself, based on your own skill levels, whether or not you’ll be doing your Format and Cover Design.” (sic) (emphasis added) I absolutely agree that each writer must make at least some of the

Writing in Obedience – A Review

I’m not a fiction writer. I do know that I can hone my skills as a non-   fiction writer by learning fiction techniques. Also, I have been to author Terry Burns workshop, “Writing to Reach Nonbelievers.”  I knew there was at least one nugget for me to learn. I wasn’t disappointed. Writing in Obedience is

3D e-Book Content Is Coming

A question about 3D objects in EPUB3 books came up on a list I follow. Since the discussion was interesting, I decided to take a look at the possibilities. From my research, I see this as a huge possibility in technical manuals and textbooks. Three-D objects that can be rotated and manipulated on the screen

It’s the Details

Unlike print books, e-books aren’t based on pages. It is one long flowing document. The reading device and user preferences determine the “pages” as the book is viewed. For this reason, page numbers and headers/footers aren’t used in an e-book. There’s no way for the e-reader to know where to place them. Some e-books are

Celebrate Read an e-Book Week

Last year “Read an E-book Month” was declared in Canada with special focus on “Read an E-book Week.” While researching the special month, I found that Read an E-book Week was first registered in 2004. I can see why it was started. In 2004 I was still adamant that I wouldn’t read e-books and certainly e-readers would go

a person reading a book

Step Four to a Good e-Book

Consider the reader As writers we know that we need to be aware of our audience. This idea, though, is a little different for e-publishing. Our e-books are going to a different medium, a different reading experience. Our audience will have different needs other than just the content. Jonathan Wondrusch says in The E-Book Creation

Step Three to a Good e-Book

Cover Too often writers think that cover doesn’t matter as much for an e-book. Not true. As much care should be given to the cover of an e-book as a print book. Your e-book doesn’t sit on a shelf with hundreds of other books. But it does sit on a virtual shelf with thousands of

e-book edit pencil for a good e-book

Step Two to a Good e-Book

Edit a Good Book Read Step One Some of you reading this are editors or proofreaders, you understand the need for good editing to create an excellent product. Some of you have being writing professionally for a number of years, you’ve gone through the editing process. If you are new to this process, you may

pencils for tweaking your e-book

Step One to a Good e-Book

Write A Good Book I know for most of us, that sounds like a no-brainer. After all, we’re writers and editors byprofession. Have you seen those ads for “Write an E-book in An Hour”? Have you seen those e-books? (One example can be found at as a premium for signing up for the newsletter.) Some