Did you prepare for today?

preparing for my dayAs National Preparation Month continues, we find that “prepping” involves more than just being ready for the next disaster.

Many of us just finished back-to-school preparations. Our family begins prepping for winter this month. Once all the wood is cut and stacked, and the garden is put to bed, we don’t have to worry about these things when the cold weather arrives.

As a writer, I can’t just sit down at my computer, slam out some words, and call it writing. There are several things I need to do to prep for daily writing.

  • My day doesn’t begin until I’ve spent time reading and studying God’s Word, and praying. Oh, I’ve done it, but I’m not prepared for what I may encounter during the day.
  • I like to have an outline of some kind before I begin writing. For a blog post, my outline is generally three or four words on a sticky note of what I want to cover. For a book, the outline is more detailed—sections, chapters, sub-chapters—it looks like one that you may have done in high school English class, but without the numbers and letters.
  • Whether I’m writing a blog post, a chapter in a book, or an article for a magazine, I need to research the topic. This includes verifying quotes and resources.
  • Although editing may not seem like a preparing activity, for me it is. When I edit my previous day’s work, I get my mind settled in writing mode.
  • I mustn’t forget my cup of coffee and cat lounging on my desk.
  • I know some writers who go through various routines: get a cup of tea, make sure the flowers in vase are fresh, read a quote from a beloved writer, and so on. Each of us has a ritual that works for us.

Writing isn’t the only profession that requires daily preparation. Think of your own occupation, what do you do each morning to prepare for your day? Please don’t let your inner voice say “I’m just a mom. I don’t have occupation preparation.” Oh, but you do. Ponder what it is you do each morning to get ready for the day. It might be making a grocery list, getting meat out of the freezer, shuttling kids off to school. Each one of us prepares for our day. Often these preparations are so familiar we don’t even think about them. That’s a good thing.

No matter the reason for preparing, getting a good start to the day or being ready in case of a tornado (or earthquake or fire or …), your mind is at ease. When I start my day with my simple preparations, I am ready for whatever may try to block my day. When I’m ready, my mind is at ease. As the famous Nike slogan once said, “Just do it.” That’s how I feel getting ready for my day and the rest of my life.

What are your daily preparations?

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