edit_servicesMy editorial services are primarily for non-fiction publications. I have experience in education, home education, mental health, Bible studies, textbooks, how-tos, and middler children’s books. I also edit newsletters and magazine articles.

Overall Critique. I read the complete manuscript and offer input on its overall strengths and weaknesses. A critique does not include any line-by-line corrections or suggestions.

Proofreading. I check for typographical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, letter or sentence spacing errors, inappropriate end-of-line word breaks, and other basic mistakes.

Verification of References and Resources. I will review all of references, resources, and Internet citations for accuracy in the manuscript and check for proper citation. If you want verification of Scripture references, you will need to specify references and version(s).

Copyediting (Line-by-Line Editing).I will provide a line-by-line review of the manuscript to check for grammar, usage, and consistency. This editing service does not include stylistic or structural editing, fact checking, inserting headlines or subheads, or writing original material. A copyedit may include:

  • Logical and understandable presentation/wording
  • Continuity
  • Proper citation of sources
  • Redundancies
  • Sentence clarity
  • Word choice
  • Maintenance of tone/voice
  • Consistency of style
  • Items that may require permission from the copyright holder.

We can negotiate any or all of the above services.

Content Editing (Substantive/Structural or Development Editing). I will clarify or reorganize a manuscript for content, flow, structure, and readability. Content editing identifies problems with clarity or accuracy, gaps in content, inconsistencies, poor examples or analogies, etc. I do not include researching or writing original material with content editing.

Rewriting. I will create a limited amount of new material to be included as part of the manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by you.

Developmental/Project Editing (Book Doctoring). I will coordinate and edit a project from rough draft to final manuscript, incorporating ongoing input from you. This service includes assistance with preparing a proposal, suggested potential markets and/or agents, and literature addressing specific topics I believe you may find helpful in order to improve overall writing skills.

Collaboration/Ghostwriting/Coauthoring. I will write a manuscript based on research and information you provide. I may include some additional research and new material may be researched and developed or obtained from you as needed. You retain all rights. If the project is to be submitted for traditional publishing, writing a book proposal may be included.

e-Editing. I preview your e-book in the format(s) you plan to use. I will make formatting suggestions to improve the visual look and for a good reader experience. I will check all links in your e-product. This service is for non-fiction or fiction.

I use the industry standard references: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook, and Christian Writer’s Manual of Style as appropriate to the project.

Each project is quoted individually. The fee depends on the service(s) you request, the number of pages, and an estimate of hours. I will provide a three-page sample of service(s) upon request. Payment arrangements are 25% in advance, 25% in the middle, and 50% upon completion. Completed project will be returned to you when I receive the final payment. We can negotiate a second reading. I prefer PayPal for payments because it is faster than a check. If you would like to pay by check, I will wait for the check to clear before beginning or continuing the project.

You may send me an e-mail describing your current work-in-progress. Please include a paragraph that describes

  • your manuscript content
  • focus, and theme
  • the type of level of service you are looking for
  • whether you plan to submit to a traditional publisher or an agent, or self-publish
  • your deadline.

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