Formatting e-Books for Writers

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Below is a list of all the Internet links and resources in the book Formatting e-Books for Writers.

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Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines (technical details needed for each Kindle device)

Building Your Book for Kindle (Windows and Mac version available)

Field Guide to Fixed Layout for E-books from Book Industry Study Group

Formatting Pages for Publishing on Amazon on CreateSpace by Chris McMullen

Free by Chris Anderson

From WORD to EBOOK by Ben Mackin

Goodreads for Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott

How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir

Pictures on Kindle by Aaron Shepard

Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker
Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker
The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker
(These books are Smashwords Guides.)

Zen of eBook Formatting by Guido Henkel

Zen of eBook Marketing by Guido Henkel

Free online conversion services

(These only convert; they don’t clean up files.)

Zamzar (multiple format options)

Nitro (Microsoft Office files to PDF)

Online Convert (various formats to EPUB)

Calibre is free software to convert various file formats. Some e-book self-publishers use this program to convert their documents. I found it didn’t do as complete a job as I wanted. But it is good for getting a general feel for how the e-book will look in different formats.

E-book service companies

Bookbaby charges an up-front fee, but advertises that they don’t take a percentage of sales. A simple how-to guide is offered as a free download.

Offers conversion, formatting, and distribution services.

Lulu is a well-known print-on-demand company, which has expanded into e-publishing. They have a downloadable guide. The free ePub converter still requires the simple formatting outlined in this book. Lulu will convert a file to EPUB free, but there are hosting cost and commissions. See the details at

Publish Green
This company provides complete conversion services for a fee.

Very popular e-book conversion and distribution company. A style guide to prepare a Word file for their conversion process is available.

Provides services for e-books and print books including hardback books. Offers more distribution channels than Amazon.

E-book formatting and distribution services. Draft2Digital doesn’t have a store, but does have a 10% fee on books sold through the various e-bookstores.

E-book conversion services

Melinda Martin Publishing and Design Services
One-on-one design and self-publishing services. E-book conversion from a Word file, plus cover and interior design.

Jonlin Creative
Jonlin provides book design services as well as branding packages, social media images, and more.

E-book Formatting Fairies
The Fairies provide a wide variety of services from basic conversion to CreateSpace preparation.

iTunes Lists of Book Production and Delivery Services
A list of service providers to help prepare e-books for iBooks store.

Offers a formatting program free. A fee is required to convert the file for e-publishing and print books.

EPUB conversion programs

Sigil (convert to EPUB)

EPUB Validator

eBookIt EPUB Validator
A complimentary EPUB checker. It gives a list of errors but not how to fix them.

EPUB Checker for Mac
Also found in the App Store (updated version)

Editing services

Christian Editors and Proofreaders Network

Christian Editor Connection

Deb Haggerty | Freelance Editor

Nicolas Nelson | Wordsmith Writing Coaches

Kristen Stieffel | Writer • Editor • Mentor

John Vonhof | Writers & Authors on Fire

Linda W. Yezak | Writer/Editor

Darlene Catlett | Editor



Free Images



Mama Red Knight
List of free image websites




Be sure to read all license information and attribution information before using even free images.

Marketing services



List of lists

These websites have lists of various other websites to help with preparing and selling e-books.

Bookmarket – eBooks Production and Distribution
John Kremmer, author of 1,000 Ways to Market Your Book, provides a long list of service for e-book publishing.

The Book Designer – Top Ten Resource Guides for e-Book Authors

Jane Friedman – How to Publish an Ebook: Resources for Authors

E-book conversion
This is a long list of resource divided not just by topic, but also by platform.

Helpful websites

Creative Commons
This is the home of the Creative Commons rights and descriptions.

E-bay e-product policies
Can e-books be sold on Ebay? Ebay has specific policies for selling e-products.

HTML help

EPUB eBooks Tutorial



A Simple Guide to HTML Cheat Sheet

Clean Up Your Ebook Files With HTML

Word help

Style Basics

How to Use Microsoft Word Styles (tutorial)

Word Learning Zone – Microsoft Word: Styles (YouTube)

Password protect Microsoft office files

Interesting articles

10 Formatting Tips for Nook (EPUB)

10 Things to Consider When Pricing E-books

10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Any E-Publishing Service

Can Ebook Data Reveal New Viral Catalysts to Spur Reader Word-of-Mouth?

Checking ebooks

Comparison of e-book formats

Digital Rights Management and Privacy


eBook Quality and How to Avoid a Kindle Refund

How much should an ebook cost?

How to become an ebook superstar

How to self-publish an ebook

Marketing a self-published e-book

Sound effects for e-books

Take Pride in Your eBook Formatting

The Pros and Cons of DRM

The pros, cons, and future of DRM

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