Here and Now

“Seek first the kingdom of God ….” Mt. 6:33

Like many, I believed the main thought of this verse was to “seek” God – put Him first in my life. You know, “God first, other second, self last.”

This morning I read, “Seek to see Him in all things, and in all things He will come nigh to thee.” The little statement gave me pause to ponder. I’ve been seeking God, but looking for Him in the wrong places.

God is in His heaven. God is in His Word. God is in His people. Most of all God is right here, in what is going on right now. He is here and now.

When our child is in the midst of a psychotic breakdown and we have to watch as the police take him away, it is hard to see God in the moment – here and now. When our child is living under a bridge, self-medicating with illegal drugs, we wonder where is God. We go seeking Him everywhere but here and now.

Even in midst of the sorrow of mental illness, God is there. When we look for Him in the crisis, we will find Him and can pull under the shelter of His wing. God is near. He is right here, right now.

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