“I Believe in Homeschooling”

On my return trip from the 2:1 Blogging Conference, I threw one of my carry-onsbelieveinhomeschooling into the bin at the security screening. I heard behind me, “Look, she believes in homeschooling.” I turned around to be greeted by a sweet smiling face, “We homeschool, too.” Later we saw each other again on the plane.

This chance encounter tells me something about homeschooling in America. It has changed from the hidden society of parents attemptingĀ to raise their children in the way that only parents can know is best to an acceptable form of education. It doesn’t seem that long ago, my carry-on bag would have been turned over so the no one would see the word “homeschooling.”

This change in acceptance hasn’t happened overnight and it hasn’t been easy. And still there are those who scoff at the idea that a mere parent has the ability to raise children to be production adults. Homeschooling is, at least, now considered one choice in educating our children.

So to my homeschooling flying companions, keep doing what you are doing. You are doing a great job. And I hope your travels were a blessing. (And if you’re reading, please say “Hi” in the comments.)

Do you ever feel That you need to hide the fact that you homeschool?


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  1. Susan K. Stewart

    Yes, Gena. It’s not just a blessing for us parents who must answer questions, but it’s also a blessing for the many children who are now be raised up by their parents in the way God calls, unhindered by negativity.

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