It’s No Secret

It's No SecretRachel Olsen’s newest book has the look and tone of what has been termed chick-lit. It’s No Secret is not the latest in get-away-from-it all fiction. Instead, it’s a get-away-from-it truth.

What is the truth that women need to get away from? According the Ms. Olsen, it’s exhausting schedules, unpaid bills, relational conflicts, and a growing to-do list to start with.

I believe the result of the women’s liberation movement is not more freedom, but more tyranny. Tyranny to do it all and be it all. Instead of being freed to be the person God created her to be, many women have become enslaved to the schedules, expectations of others, and our own drive for perfection. Ms. Olsen gives secrets to her readers that bring real liberation.

Using the superficial concerns of the modern woman, such as shopping, competition with others, having stuff, and doing it all, Ms. Olsen presents freedom as it can only come from God. Each chapter presents true-life examples of situations that we’ve all been in, and God’s way out. The chapters conclude with a short Bible study.

Ms. Olsen’s tone is one of a best-friend sister. In fact, she addresses her readers as “Yahweh Sisters.” As a sister, she points out her own warts, just as might as friends might do in the late night chatting over a cup of tea. Ms. Olsen doesn’t offer easy solutions, nor does she tell her reader to do it her way to find peace and happiness. Instead, she points readers to God’s solutions.

I found the Bible studies a little too light for my taste, preferring meaty, dig-in-the Scripture studies. But I came away from the material with truth about myself and God’s wisdom to change my ways. Every woman will find something in this book that will tweak her heart. In fact, by reading It’s No Secret with an open mind women will a nugget of truth for each of the areas discussed. By studying and applying one chapter a month, this can become a year-long self-improvement course.

With the beginning of a new year, I offer a challenge to do so. I will begin my self-improvement course on January 1, how about you? Will you join me?

Read the first chapter.

It’s No Secret
Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know
Rachel Olsen
David C. Cook
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6537-6
Available for the Kindle

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