Jesus Calling

I believe it is possible to have a personal, one-to-one relationship with God. Yes, the God Creator of the universe. A relationship that is personal has intimate conversations. Sarah Young shares her conversations with God in Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence.

Inspired by the anonymous writings of God Calling, Ms. Young began recording her dialogues with God in her journal.  She took seriously, “Be still and know that I am God (Ps. 46:10). Those journaled dialogues became the 365 daily devotions in this book.

Written in first person, with I being God, each short devotion is like God whispering in the reader’s ear. Ms. Young does not claim that these are inspired words of God, but rather what God has impressed on her.

Although each day’s entry is short, they are not meant to be read quickly. The first person writing leads the reader to ponder, wait for what else God has to say. By using the three or four Bible verses to meditate, and waiting quietly, a person can “hear” what God is saying as well.

Jesus Calling may well become a classic devotion. Not because of the words written in the book, but because of the words and thoughts it inspires in the reader.

Jesus Calling
Sarah Young
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 978-1-5914-5188-4

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  1. I agree totally. God had conversations with Adam in the Garden of Eden during the cool of the day, so it should be only natural that God speak to us who has been given the Spirit of promise. If we like Sarah Young would take the time to humble ourselves and seek his face, I believe we would be in for an awesome awakening. God desires to have intimacy with every one of his creations. We have been fashioned in his likeness and our spirits yearn to be known as we are known. The Father is waiting; we must step into the light and partake of his everlasting love, joy, and peace.

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