Molly Joins the Family

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2013-10-23 18.03.41Here’s Molly. She joined our family a month ago. She another in the long line of animals we have rescued. Molly joins our other canine family members, Daisy and Maggie.

Poor Molly had been virtually abandoned. She was left at a weekend “get away” with no food and little access to water. Found wandering around, she was taken to the local animal control. We adopted her the next week.

God created each of these creatures. He left instructions with Adam to take care of creation (Ge. 2:16). I’m sure that means the animals as well.  But as evil has permeated the world, the animals have suffered at the hands of their caretakers.

As I said, we have a history of rescuing dogs. One was a Great Pyrenees mix, Draco. He seemed healthy enough when we got him. It wasn’t long until we learned that he had serious skin infections that would plague him his entire life.

We had been advised that he needed a diet that didn’t have corn as the main ingredient.  That was a tall order when Draco came to live with us. When Rachael Ray introduced her line of dog food, Nutrish, I actually thought, “O.K. Why not give it a try?”

Nutrish has become our canine friends food of choice. Draco never fully recovered from the infection, but he did get relief from the symptoms. The vet told us that Molly was barely a year old; still a puppy. She had missed important nutrition during most of her growing time. Molly gained ten pounds during the first week we had her. A good diet is as important for our animal friends as it is for us.

Recently I was invited to a luncheon sponsored by Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. The food was well-prepared and exemplified Ms. Ray’s commitment to good nutrition for all of God’s creatures. At this luncheon, a new line of dog food was introduced – “Zero Grain.” Oh that would have been perfect for Draco. (Yes, Mr. Draco passed three years ago.) 2013-09-27 12.19.31Given that dogs are meat-eaters, this is a perfect food.

It is a dry food, which makes it convenient for our family because we free-feed our animals. Daisy, Maggie, and now Molly love it. And the cost is well within our budget. Other brands of meat-only dry dog foods have to purchased at pet specialty stores and cost at least twice as much. All of the Nutrish products are available at grocery store. Since we go through about 50 pounds of dog food a month, cost and availability are important to us. I can pick up Nutrish at the local grocery store in my small (4,500 population) town.

An added bonus for our family of animal rescuers is Rachael’s Rescue. This website was created to highlight organizations helping animals in need. A portion of the proceeds from Nutrish products support Rachael’s Rescue.

Thanks to Rachael Rays’ commitment to good nutrition for our animal friends, I able to better care for God’s creatures. Now if I can find some as easy and inexpensive for my donkeys.

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