Music in Our Homeschool

Gena Mayo is the mom of eight children, ages 15 down to 3. She has homeschooled them from the beginning.  She and her husband of 17 years are best friends.  Gena loves learning and reading, singing and playing the piano, teaching music, sewing and crafting, and, most of all, the Lord Jesus.  My blog is a place to She shares her joy in her family and in her Lord at her blog, I Choose Joy.  encourages others in this crazy homeschool life, provides tips for homemaking (esp. recipes, sewing, and crafting), and shares about her family’s everyday life!  Gena helps others include music in their homeschools.

25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music

cover of 25 music appreciation lessonsYou will find 25 separate lessons on different composers, styles, and pieces of the 20th Century by European and South American composers. Included are 2 notebooking pages for older students to record what they learn as well as links to all the music to be listened to. The curriculum is appropriate for grades K-12 and can be used for high school credit in music appreciation.

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