Family Preparation in the City and Suburbia

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Is it hurricane season where you live? Are you experiencing unusual rains? Did a family member become very ill? These are all situations in which families need to be ready. Being prepared doesn’t mean a bunker in the mountains. Each of us can make the necessary plans for any situation without major expense. Those of us who live in cities or suburban neighborhoods wonder if it’s even possible to have extra food, water, and emergency electricity.

Family Preparedness in the City and Suburbia gives ideas for storing a little extra food, saving water, even how to set up backup power while living in an apartment. Based on real-life experience, Susan K. Stewart gives what has worked for her family and others. In addition, the book includes lists of resources and forms to help you on your adventure to be ready.

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Susan K. Stewart’s Family Preparation in the City and Suburbia dispels the myths that preppers are sequestered away from society in underground bunkers. She shows how even families living in a high-rise apartment building can be ready for any type of emergency. An emergency can be anything from an extended illness to a natural disaster to economic downturns. With her trademark practical solutions, Susan offers advice to every family to be ready for any unexpected event.

Table of Contents


  • How does one begin a preparedness lifestyle?
  • Finding Our Beginning
  • Where Do We Live?
  • Type of Housing
  • Climate
  • Medical Needs
  • Other Considerations

Water, Water, Everywhere?

  • Where to Store Water?Other Water SourcesConserving Water
  • When Water Isn’t Everywhere

When It’s Cold Outside

  • For Starters
  • The Next Step in Warmth
  • On to a Heat Source
  • Real Emergency Heating
  • Prepare Now


  • How Many Beans Can You Eat?
  • What to Store
  • Where, Oh Where Should My Food Be?
  • Financing a Year’s Worth of Food

When the Lights Go Out

  • What Is Really Needed?
  • I Need Electricity for That?
  • Alternative Power Sources

Health and Well Being

  • No Cars, No Elevators
  • Vices?
  • Be Prepared
  • The Health Care System
  • Other Health Related Issues

Money Matters

  • How Much Is Enough?
  • What If You Can’t Get Your Lunch Money?
  • Where Is the Money Coming From?
  • Prepare to Barter
  • All That is Golden

E3 +

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Plus

Beyond the Four Walls

  • Gathering the Family
  • Around the Neighborhood
  • What is Our Responsibility?
  • Give unto Others

The Lighthouse

  • Be a Starter
  • What’s a Church to Do?
  • No One Is Listening
  • If There’s No Crisis


  • Situation Assessment
  • Where Has All The Power Gone?*
  • Document Tracking System
  • Items for Barter



1 review for Family Preparation in the City and Suburbia

  1. Charisse

    Very informative, even as one who has prepared for years. Lots of good ideas for those living in small spaces and for helping to get your community together.

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