Why Am I Doing This? Seven Steps to an Educational Philosophy


You know that you should have a written philosophy of education because it is the foundation of your homeschool. If you didn’t stay awake during Philosophy 101, you may wonder just how you write something so lofty. In this hands-on class, Susan will take you through seven steps to writing your philosophy of education. When finished you will have the backbone of your written educational beliefs. You will then be able to use it as a guide for the details of your homeschool.


How This Class Works

The first lesson will be emailed to you on Monday after registration. The remaining lessons are sent on subsequent Mondays.

Class members read the lessons at their convenience. Lessons have optional assignments to which I will respond with constructive feedback.The level of participation is up to each student. By working through the assignments by the end of the course you will have a draft of your educational philosophy. When you’ve completed all the lessons and have written your philosophy of education, I’ll prepare a printable PDF file of it, which will be suitable for framing.

Class Outline

Class One – Why a Written Philosophy of Education?
Define philosophy. The importance of knowing why we choose to homeschool.

Class Two – What Is Your Worldview?
Our view of the world around us is the foundation of how and what we want our children to learn.

Class Three – What is Your Belief About God?
Understanding what we believe about God shapes much of our philosophy.

Class Four – What is Your Belief About Humanity?
After stating what we believe about God, we can determine what we believe about humanity and humanity’s role in the world.

Class Five – What is Truth?
Not only do we need to define truth, in order to teach any subject we need to know how we gain truth.

Class Six – What Are Wisdom and Knowledge?
Many of us are teaching our children because we want to help them learn to make wise choices. Using the first four questions, we can determine what is a wise choice and how to teach it.

Class Seven – What is Education?
Each of us has a different opinion of what education is. Once we are able to put into words that definition, we’ll be able to chart a homeschool course.

Class Eight – What is Parental Responsibility?
What is the role of parents in the lives of children?


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