Review: Color the Cats Coloring Book

I don’t really understand the adult coloring book craze. Many I’ve looked at appear to be a preschooler’s scribbles or a teen’s doodles. I can doodle and scribble on my own, and I do. When I saw Pamela Hodges’s coloring book, Coloring the Cats, I thought, “Now, this is a coloring book with some substance.”

color the cats coloring bookThe 40 cat drawings, which are Ms. Hodges’s originals, has a true story about a cat that has been rescued. She has captured the cat’s personality, very cat-like personalities. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of her books is donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.

The drawings have the same doodle characteristic found in other adult coloring books. For me, at least, these doodles make sense. Three pages labeled “Draw a cat. Color a cat.” are included at the end for your own cat doodling.

Ms. Hodges also introduces the reader/colorer to Harper, her cat. Harper, named after author Harper Lee, has a blog The Cat Who Writes. Fun posts for cats and their human companions.

In addition to Color the Cats Coloring Book, Ms. Hodges also has coloring postcards of the cats you’ll meet in the coloring book. A great idea for children to send to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or pen pals.

I plan to enjoy coloring these cats with my granddaughter when she visits this summer. Maybe it will push me into the world of adult coloring books.

Color the Cats Coloring Book
by Pamela Hodges

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