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Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-17

The 2016/2017 “Hey Mama Planner” is full of tips, tools, and timely devotions that will encourage and bless you as you homeschool. Each monthly calendar has big squares to write in. Plus, there are pages for notes, weekly agendas, goals, book logs, and curriculum tracking. The “Hey Mama Planner” also has writing prompts, story starter ideas, a timeline of inventions, states and capitals, transcripts, and plenty of other helpful tools for your school year. And, of course,  there are inspiring, heartwarming devotions and Scripture to refresh and motivate you.

These weekly planning pages were designed to be able to be used by a family with one child or more. Across the top of the columns you can label it for the five days of the week, or you can label it for multiple children. If you have less than five children you can use the fifth column, to make notes (co-op, appointments, field trips, etc.).

Down the left side of the page, each row can be used for a different subject. Line one would be Bible, and then under each child’s name, you can write a letter for the day of the week. Beside each letter, write the assignment for the day. This provides you a check off for each day of the week for each child, and it gives them a place to look for their assignment. Work your way down the rows for each subject. Since there are 7 boxes, you have plenty of room for numerous classes.

It’s then easy to see at a glance what each child is supposed to accomplish for the week.

If you have one child, you can use the tops of the columns to list each day of the week, and then you can use the rows for each subject. You will have more room to write for one child versus someone like me who has multiple children.

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