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Preparations in the City and Suburbia

Is it hurricane season where you live? Are you experiencing unusual rains? Did a family member become very ill? These are all situations in which families need to be ready. Being prepared doesn’t mean a bunker in the mountains. Each of us can make the necessary plans for any situation without major expense. Those of us who live in cities or suburban neighborhoods wonder if it’s even possible to have extra food, water, and emergency electricity. Based on Susan’s popular book Family Preparation in the Cities and Suburbs.

Get Ready for Hard Times

In Proverbs, we are told to be like the ant and prepare for coming storms. Whether those storms are economic (unemployment, disability) or natural disasters (earthquake, floods, fires), as Christians we should not only be ready to care for ourselves but for our neighbors as well. Susan has been living a prepared lifestyle for nearly 20 years and shares how their family has gathered in the summer to be ready for winter storms (Pro. 6:6-8).

Easy Food Storage on a Budget

Many families want to begin getting ready with food storage. It can be overwhelming to think about buying and storing a one-year supply food. What to buy? Where to put all those canned goods? Are freeze-dried meals necessary? Isn’t this going to cost a lot of money? Susan K. Stewart answers these questions and details how her family has built a “grocery store” in their home.

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