Why Ebooks?

According to American Publishers Association’s (APA) latest numbers e-book sales are declining, down by 24.9 per cent. The same report shows a declined in hardback sales, but an increase in paperback sales. For most writers, a combination of print and e-publishing is still the best strategy. I’ll be honest; I still like print editions to

Decide for Yourself

On her blog, The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing, D. D. Scott offers this advice in her Beginner’s To-do List: “Decide for yourself, based on your own skill levels, whether or not you’ll be doing your Format and Cover Design.” (sic) (emphasis added) I absolutely agree that each writer must make at least some of the

e-book edit pencil for a good e-book

Step Two to a Good e-Book

Edit a Good Book Read Step One Some of you reading this are editors or proofreaders, you understand the need for good editing to create an excellent product. Some of you have being writing professionally for a number of years, you’ve gone through the editing process. If you are new to this process, you may

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Step One to a Good e-Book

Write A Good Book I know for most of us, that sounds like a no-brainer. After all, we’re writers and editors byprofession. Have you seen those ads for “Write an E-book in An Hour”? Have you seen those e-books? (One example can be found at bybloggers.com as a premium for signing up for the newsletter.) Some

E-book Micro History

Project Guttenberg was one of the first to take advantage of the electronic publishing. Michael Hart developed the idea of putting books and documents in electronic format for all to have in 1971. In the beginning, he used the most basic form that was readable by all types of computers, ASCII text. Over the years,