the sign directing to hope

30 Days of Hope

Hope. Hope is the path through the darkness of mental illness for families. We need hope to be able to take the next step, then the next one, and next one. Brenda Poinsett’s 30 Days of Hope for Dealing with Depression helps us take that next step. 30 Days of Hope is a devotional with 30 devotions

A Phone Call Away

My son had been without medication for about a year. Despite that worrisome situation, he at least appeared to be stable.  Then the decline started. This time it’s a slow setback, like lava moving down the side of a volcano. I know that at any moment it can burst into flames. So far, it hasn’t.

Blog Action Day – Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day. Blogs around the world will be touching on one topic – poverty. Poverty is a serious issue for our loved ones with a mental illness. Many of our loved ones are homeless or in less than adequate housing because they have little or no income. Even many who are in

September – Suicide Prevention Month

My son was stationed at Pensacola Naval Air Station. A phone call from Mississippi was certainly out of the ordinary. “What are you doing in Mississippi?” were my first words. “I’m in the hospital. I tried to hang myself,” he answered quietly. To this day, seven years later, he hasn’t talked about the incident and

A Realistic Future

About 18 months ago, our son began treatment for the first time since his diagnosis. In the beginning, he went to a psychologist because he had been ordered by the Marine Corp to do so. When he was discharged, he was no longer compelled to be in any kind of treatment, so he wasn’t. Saying