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Practical preparedness list

September is National Preparedness Month. Often when talking about preparation, prepping, thoughts turn to be ready for a disaster of some kind. There are other ways that you can, and probably should, get ready. Back to school. September is the traditional return to school month, although many schools start in August now. Whether your child goes

Prepare for peace

Prepare for Peace

This post contains some affiliate links. Please see my disclosure statementPlease see my disclosure statement. “Are you ready for Christmas?” “I’m usually have everything ready around January 19.” Yes, I’ve often answered this way. There was a time that I didn’t really feel ready for Christmas. Maybe my idea of being prepared for the holiday

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Weekend Read: Disaster Diaries

I confess. I like to read apocalypse fiction. Sometimes it’s for the humor of it: Doesn’t everyone understand the impossibility of an earthquake so massive that Las Vegas becomes a beach town? Other disaster stories make me think: What if I were in that situation? How would I respond? That’s the mindset Sam Sheridan had