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We’re new to Texas, and we’re enjoying learning about our adopted home. One lesson came a few Sundays ago at church.

The nearby Baptist church we are attending is tiny and most of the attendees are cattle ranchers. My husband Bob was chatting with a couple of these ranchers before service and one said, “We have been blessed. The rains have been good, might get a third-cutting (of hay), and cattle is selling for a good price.”

Ahhh. The small blessings. Each of us has our own definition of blessings, and because I’m not a rancher – in fact, I still have some of that city girl in me – water, hay cutting, and beef prices (except at the store) were unknown blessings.

Texas is just coming out of one of the worse droughts ever experienced here. We didn’t realize it because this season has had good rains and the landscape has been green most of the summer. Those ranchers knew though.

Texas growers have been working on corn and other crops that will produce more on less water. One such goal is to harvest 200 bushels of corn on 12 inches of irrigation. What a blessing that will be for everyone.

But some people don’t even have enough water to maintain life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than a billion people around the world lack access to improved drinking water sources. Millions have to carry water several miles each day for basic needs. While an estimated 1.6 million die each year due to contaminated water diseases.

Most of us can’t even imagine having to go outside to a well or creek for our water supply, let alone walking miles for it. We are so blessed, we don’t even see water as a blessing.

The numbers are over whelming. How can one person help one billion? One person can’t. But one person can help one person. For just $10 you can help supply one person with clean drinking water for one year.

Water is Life distributes The Straw, a unique individual water filter. The Straw is portable and inexpensive (for Americans). Water is Life distributes The Straw in underdeveloped countries as a temporary solution while more permanent water sources are developed.

You can be that one person to help one person. Just think, if you give water to one person, then share this blog with one person, and that one gives and shares, and the next person gives and shares. How many people do you think can have clean drinkable water for one year? A billion?

Donate today to Water is Life and give the blessing of clean water to someone.

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